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"Deliciously Dorie's Joyful Juice was created to offer healthy, organic, clean, and raw food alternatives." "Using Ayurvedic principles, my body was able to tell me what to do to heal itself", she said.  "I stopped working in the high stress financial jobs that had been my career since college, took classes in raw culinary arts, got my raw chef certifications and started my journey into high quality, organic, plant based and mostly raw cuisine, made with locally grown organic and seasonal produce. My health and spirit improved, I starting growing my own foods organically right in my backyard and eating "farm" to table, and my healing began."

With raw food certifications from Matthew Kenney Raw Culinary in Santa Monica, CA, advanced Raw Vegan Extended Culinary Joy, Conscious Eating and  Veganic Gardening from Dr. Gabriel Cousen's at the Tree of Life Rejuvination Center in Patagonia, AZ,, Dorie has an expansive repertoire from which to choose the best recipes to satisfy all palettes and dietary concerns. 

Please contact me directly for your nutritional needs.  Let's discuss your state of health, your concerns and goals, and discuss juice cleanse and meal planning options.

Catering to the growing demand for plant-based whole, vegan, organic clean foods and making them accessible in an everyday setting.